* Planning that long-overdue home renovation?
* Looking at adding on a work-from-home office space?
* Considering a new pool for the kids?
If any of your plans involve the use of concrete or cement, keep in mind the significant impact these materials have on the wellbeing of the planet and its inhabitants (including you, your kids and potential grandkids even!)
As per this video, https://www.facebook.com/livekindlyco/videos/3202810533297659, concrete is not only the most-used substance in the world after water (wow), but it’s also responsible for emitting more CO2 globally than aviation fuel! As you know, carbon dioxide or CO2 is a greenhouse gas that contributes to #globalwarming and #climatechange and all the very nasty side-effects we’re starting to experience far too frequently.
Fortunately, there are countless eco-friendly and often cost-effective alternatives to consider before you start building. Many companies offer ‘greener’ concrete products – just do your homework first to make sure it’s not greenwashing.
Or you could opt for one of the novel ideas in the below article. While not a load-bearing material like bamboo, hempcrete is a great option for internal walls, and it’s microbe and insect resistant and makes a great insulator.
Some bio-concretes have been developed that incorporate the remains of invasive species like Japanese knotweed, taking these pests out of the environment and thus helping protect #biodiversity.
What planet-friendly materials would you consider using in your home or office buildings?