About Us

The Circular Stage is a consultancy founded and run by Julia Tew, a seasoned communications specialist with decades of experience across myriad industries, ranging from food, agriculture, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals to private equity, publishing, IT and education. 

Bringing to the table diverse skills and experience gained during years in executive and management roles as well as through building a successful communications consultancy, Julia has also studied with leading institutions on topics ranging from the circular economy and business sustainability to social innovation and human-centred design. She’s passionate about sharing the global sustainability manifesto and promoting ecoliteracy and circular thinking in business and social settings alike.

By harnessing the power of systems thinking, storytelling and stakeholder collaboration, among other tools, The Circular Stage helps leaders and their organisations develop a more purposeful mindset and empathetic culture – essential elements in the creation of positive and long-term behaviour change. Consultations are aimed at facilitating the evolution of individuals and organisations, over time and through well-supported phases, into resilient, self-motivated and authentic champions of a more sustainable, equitable and prosperous future for all.

Held in person or online, The Circular Stage workshops are designed for SMEs and other organisations ready to explore a more sustainable approach to business, those interested in building a purposeful and compassionate culture, and those seeking support in developing narratives to share their Environmental, Social and Governance plans and progress with others. All workshops, talks and consulting sessions are tailored to the client’s specific needs, with modules such as EcoLiteracy, EcoSystems, EcoCulture and EcoNarratives designed to cover a diversity of topics in the spheres of sustainability, circularity, culture change, storytelling and more.


Thank you once again for agreeing to be our keynote speaker at our annual supplier awards function. This is a very prestigious event in our calendar and we required a seasoned professional to address our guests. We thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. You certainly met the brief due to your extensive research on the topic, our industry and our company. The topic of sustainability is potentially a serious and technical topic, but you managed to enliven the end of a long day with an entertaining and meaningful presentation. You wove a story that certainly opened our eyes, made us sit up and think about our impacts on the planet.

Thank you for your professionalism and commitment to delivering a first-class keynote address.

Kerry Tromp
FUCHS Lubricants

It was such a pleasure to come across a seasoned communication specialist who has vast knowledge on issues of the environment and climate change. Julia brought her knowledge and expertise to the work that she’s been doing for the Youth Bridge Trust’s (YBT) Green Economy Academy. She has produced good quality content that captures the messages we want to communicate in a brilliant way. 

The Circular Stage has been responsible for writing fact sheets about YBT and speeches. It has also produced publications and articles on our green economy projects and has been compiling content for the YBT website. 

The service offered by The Circular Stage is best value for money. 


Acting Executive Director, Ntsiki Gumbe
Youth Bridge Trust (NGO)

“We greatly appreciated the opportunity to work with Julia on the ‘3 Peas in a Pod’ survey project. She applied her communications expertise to create a fun engagement campaign, in alignment with our existing messaging, to encourage our volunteer Pod Leaders to participate in the survey series. She assisted us in developing three surveys for data analysis and organizing the questions around three themes.

When the survey project was winding down, we asked if Julia would be open to work on other projects with us. She agreed and provided us much needed feedback, designs, and ideas on a revitalized support plan for the same volunteers who were surveyed. Her input helped us determine that it is time for PPC to undergo a rebranding process.

To sum up, Julia’s ideas and designs will be pivotal for our upcoming rebranding project, and her contributions to the surveys project will be informing our Pod leader surveys for years to come!”

Executive Director, Caroline Dyar
PlantPure Communities